How to care for the hair daily

The head can be broken, the hair can not mess! So, girls beware: take care of your hair! That's how you get to the top of your life and marry rich and handsome. So, how do the hair daily should be nursing? Let's get down to it!


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1. In the morning, the hair should be wet with warm water, preferably with a spray head, and it is not recommended to use cold water and easy to catch cold.


2. Wipe the excess water with a towel and use a towel to soak it dry. Don't rub it. Because the hair scale of wet hair is open, if rub gently, the hair is easy to get hurt.


3. Make a bow, and leave your hair in front. It's better not to stand up straight. The posture and the hair clean water is the same in reverse, pour the hair cream on your hand (not too much, or just wipe the place is too easy to make, and the second to the place too little, uneven, to 3-4 times to wipe out), then use both hands to hair cream "as" into the hair, not hair down to stroke.


4. After standing up, use five fingers to comb the hair from the middle of the forehead. This is to make the interline natural and make the hair on the top of the head loose and not soft. This action can be repeated several times slowly.


5. Screw the spiral wound with the index finger. If you have a hair dryer, you can blow it all over again until you blow dry. Remember not to pull the hair down hard, or it will spoil the duration of the hair roll.


6. Blow the dryer to the strong wind, quickly blow dry top of the head, and keep the head of the head loose.


The most important thing is to lose your comb, whether it's a tight comb or a wide comb! This is in order to prevent the brittle hair from being pulled, and on the other hand, it is also considered to maintain the duration of the scrolls. ...


What shape does your curly hair fit

Hot summer is coming. What should you do to keep the trend going? Crisp and sweet mid-length curly hair is a good choice. However, before ironing long curly hair, still need to know below medium length curl suits what face shape!


1. Oval face


The girl with an oval face is a blessed child. An oval face is a perfect match for any hairstyle. So a girl with an oval face can handle a long curly hair well!


Second, a round face


The girl of round face always gives a person a kind of fat doodle to go to the foot, let a person feel to fry chicken kawaii! This kind of facial shape girl with long curly hair can give a person a kind of sweet and lovely impression!


Third, a square face


The person of square face can give a person a kind of rigid and hard drive, make a person not easy close. But when they go together with long curly hair, but can very good downy face line, appear gentle and amiable!